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Things that every Dragon Master should know about a Dragon City Hack

Author: Anita C. — Last updated: September 29th, 2017

Are you tired of searching for a real, working Dragon City Hack? - We are pretty sure you are, because 90% of the “so called” websites that are offering hacks and cheats for DC are nothing but a scam. Most of them are trying to steal your personal information such as e-mail, passwords or credit card numbers and are using tempting offer such as “Unlimited Gems” just to hook you up and lure you in to their nasty game. Don’t become yet another victim of these thieves simply by keeping in mind the tips we are going to give you.

Never trust the “Unlimited Gems” types of websites

Do you really think that if a certain player’s account suddenly overloads with such amount of resources, the game administrators wouldn’t notice? Trust us – they will notice, since selling these resources as an in-app purchase is their main way of monetizing this game.

Another reason why unlimited gems or 99,999 can’t be added to your account is simply because that’s not possible. As you know even on the official app store the highest amount of gems you can purchase is the Deluxe Chest of Gems with 1700 Gems which cost $99.99, there is no such thing as paying for unlimited gems. Therefore, how come something that doesn’t even exist can be hacked? It doesn’t make any sense, much less if you notice their claims that this can be done in a minute or two. For instance, in order for you to get 99999 Gems on your account you will have to purchase the biggest pack of 1700 Gems from the official app store 58 times. How can you repurchase something 58 times in just a few minutes? Thus, if it can’t be done in real life, no hack can do it either, no matter how good or sophisticated it is.

Instead of wasting your time on these “generate 99,999 Gems” scam websites, what you should be looking for is a Dragon City hack that offers the same packs of Gems like on the official app store.

If you go searching for online or web-based hacks and cheats

Avoid the websites that require downloading files on your device. Download only from trusted sources with good ratings. Because there is a huge risk of those files being some kind of software that might end up stealing your personal information or infect your device with virus.

It is preferable the hack to be online or in other words a web-based cheat or hack. Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that all websites that are offering this type of “service” are legit or 100% safe, but the chances of catching a virus or malware are significantly decreased. Your personal information is also safer if you decide to go with this type of hacks. The most damage that they can do is to get your e-mail and spam you with all sorts of commercial content.

Do your research

Don’t use the first hack or cheat you stumble upon. Do your research before you decide to trust a certain website. Check their ratings, read the comments of other users and keep in mind the tips we mentioned above.

At the end the choice is yours and if something doesn’t seem right, than it probably isn’t. Just follow your instincts, double-check everything and never ever give your password. If they are asking for your password, you will know for sure that they are a scam.

Never use the hack more than once a day

No matter what the website says or what kind of proxy support is integrated regarding safety, we advise you to use the cheat not more than once a day. Because at the end they don’t take responsibility if something were to happen to your account. As we mentioned above you might raise some red flags among the game administrators if you tend to overload your account with resources. So it is better to stay on the low than getting your account banned.

If you follow the tips we gave you it is almost guaranteed that you will make the right choice even if you decide to use other hack than our Dragon City Hack for Free Gems.

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