About the Dragon City Hack [dot] Tips

Author: Anita C. — Last updated: October 5th, 2016

The domain or the title of this web site says it all - dragoncityhack.tips is literary this – hack tool and useful tips for one of the most popular game nowadays Dragon City.

We, the team behind this web site are group of 4 people and 3 of us are huge fans of this game, the other one is Clash of Clans all the way, but still helped us a lot in the developing process of this tool. We are all students with passion for programming, computer science and games of course. The reason why we’ve developed this tool is - number one: we are students (pretty much broke all the time) which means we couldn’t afford to spend money on inn-app purchases and number two: we think that the prices of the in-app purchases are insane. So, we’ve started researching and digging a bit deeper in to the mater and after a few days (and sleepless nights) the Dragon City hack tool was born.

Initially our plan was to use it only internally but the word got out and after so many requests from friends and random people we’ve decided to share it with the open public. This means that anyone can use our tool for free. You can use it as much as you want to without spending a single dime. Because we know the feeling of not being able to afford to buy in-app purchases and properly enjoy this game. Also, the main focus when developing this hack was put to security. We can proudly say that our tool is 100% safe and there is practically no chance of you being detected or banned from the game. Plus, it is web-based which means the treat of viruses or malware is eliminated completely. All in all, we guarantee you that this is one of the best and the safest tools you can find.