Candy Boot Dragon


Candy Boot Dragon

This funny dragon loves candy. Once, he came across a boot full of it so he decided to spend his entire life inside it! He doesn’t even mind that there’s only one boot: He just jumps to move!

Candy Boot Dragon Egg
Child Candy Boot Dragon
Young Candy Boot Dragon
Adult Candy Boot Dragon

Statistics + Information

Breeding time:32:00:00
Hatching time:40:00:00
Gems cost:3000
Sell price:120000

The Candy Boot Dragon can not be bred!

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Candy Boot Dragon Weaknesses

All of the dragons listed below can be used to counter the Candy Boot dragon in fights, since all of them deal Critical (super effective) 2X damage against the Candy Boot dragon, but the Candy Boot dragon does not deal critical damage to any of these.

Trained Attacks

The trained attacks for the Candy Boot dragon are:

Trainable Attacks

The trainable attacks for the Candy Boot dragon are: