Hearts Queen Dragon


Hearts Queen Dragon

It is far better to be feared than loved. That's what the Hearts Queen Dragon says. She may not be the best for breeding but you should try her in battle! Sentence first! Verdict afterwards. Off with their heads!

Hearts Queen Dragon Egg
Child Hearts Queen Dragon
Young Hearts Queen Dragon
Adult Hearts Queen Dragon

Statistics + Information

Breeding time:11:00:00
Hatching time:17:00:00
Gems cost:1000
Sell price:100000

The Hearts Queen Dragon can not be bred!

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Hearts Queen Dragon Weaknesses

All of the dragons listed below can be used to counter the Hearts Queen dragon in fights, since all of them deal Critical (super effective) 2X damage against the Hearts Queen dragon, but the Hearts Queen dragon does not deal critical damage to any of these.

Trained Attacks

The trained attacks for the Hearts Queen dragon are:

Trainable Attacks

The trainable attacks for the Hearts Queen dragon are: