Metal Dragon


Metal Dragon

A robust dragon, drawn towards all things of metal. The word on the island is that what the Metal Dragon lacks in intellect, it more than makes up in determination.

Metal Dragon Egg
Child Metal Dragon
Young Metal Dragon
Adult Metal Dragon

Statistics + Information

Breeding time:07:00:00
Hatching time:13:00:00
Gold cost:60000
Sell price:30000

Full guide on how to breed a Metal Dragon is coming soon!

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Metal Dragon Weaknesses

All of the dragons listed below can be used to counter the Metal dragon in fights, since all of them deal Critical (super effective) 2X damage against the Metal dragon, but the Metal dragon does not deal critical damage to any of these.

Trained Attacks

The trained attacks for the Metal dragon are:

Trainable Attacks

The trainable attacks for the Metal dragon are: